Massager Device

 Mini Handhold Massager Device for beauty spa and salon and home use.

SC352 Led Hot and cold Massager Device

Technology:Micro-current+led+Hot+Cold +Vibration Function: massage+wrinkle removal

SC362 Hot and cold eyes wrinkle removal beauty device

Technology:Hot+Cold +Vibration Function: massage+wrinkle removal

SC510 Portable Guasha scraping face lifting beauty machine

Technology:vibration+hot+scraping Function: skin care(cleaning+massage+acne/wrinkle removal)  

SC517 eyes wrinkle removal beauty device

Technology:Vibration+LED Function:eye massage+wrinkle removal

SC557 Facial roller face lifting massager

Technology:roller Function: skin rejuvenation(wrinkle removal + facelifting)  

GN213 Handheld Rechargeable Mini Muscle Massager

High speed vibration of 1800-3200rpm handheld mini muscle massage gun wireless rechargable with 4 different operating heads.  

SC809 rose quartz jade roller facial massage tool

Rose quartz jade roller helps to protect against negative energy and helps to treat combat fatigue and anxiety. It is an overall harmonizing and balancing stone. Jade rolling has many benefits.  

SC857 Rose quartz jade roller guasha set

Rose quartz jade roller guasha set facial massage skin care tools made from natural jade stone and zinc alloy frame with fine polishing for fine line and wrinkle removal

SC858 Rose quartz jade roller guasha set

Rose quartz jade roller guasha set handheld home use facial massage made from pure natural jade stone woth fine polishing and high quality zinc alloy frame.