Anti Coronavirus Product

CE/FDA/ROSH  certificated Anti Coronavirus/Covid-19 Product  with factory price and OEM/ODM service from China for business and personal use.

PW018 Blue Ray Nano Disinfectant Spray Gun

The sprayer has a strong ability to pressurize the liquid water into superheated gaseous molecule (140 degree, 0.26nm in diameter).  

PW038 Konmison Blue Ray Nano Disinfectant Wireless Nano Spray Gun

-Rechargeable and wireless nano spray gun -Lighter weight and smaller size -High pressure water pump -High-tech anti-clogging nozzle -Adjustable spraying intensity

PW037 Handhold blue ray anion nano spray gun disinfectant spray machine

1200W handhold electric blue ray anion nano spray gun disinfectant spray machine with tuoch screen control for car and home disinfection.

SC828 Mini Rechargeable Nano Steam Mist Sprayer

This home use mini nano steamer adopts nano spraying technology. It can spray alcohol or disinfectant into nano mist particles to kill bacteria or virus for daily sterilization.

PW042 DIY Disinfection Maker And Wireless Nano Atomizer

*Self-made disinfectant function—— make disinfectant with water and salt, no need to buy disinfectant. *3 disinfectant processing modes—— it can make 3 different concentration of disinfectant for different purposes. *Safe and non-toxic—— the disinfectant is 100% natural and safe, it can be used for baby stuff, dishes, etc. *Wireless and rechargeable—— it can be taken outdoors or inside cars, no distance limitation. *Sterilization and deodorization—— it can kill bacteria and virus, it can also be used to deodorize.

SC855 nano mist spray machine for disinfectant USB rechageable

-Integrated container -Mini & handy & lightweight -Slide switch  

SC855B portable nano atomizer disinfection wireless charging

-Nano Mist Disinfectant Sprayer -Daily disinfection & skin care -Slide switch -Large & fine mist

SC854 USB rechargeable Mini nano disinfectant mist sprayer

-Mini Nano Mist Sprayer -Daily sterilization & disinfection -Skin & hair care

XD026 1500W Timer Disinfectant Car Atomization Sterilizer Smoke Fog Machine

Car atomization sterilizer smoke fog machine 1500W powerful engine 99.9% sterilization rate 360°disinfection Indoor deodorization Thick fog and large spraying  

XD023 DIY Disinfectant Maker And Spayer

3 models available Over 99.9% sterilization rate Home-made DIY disinfectant Convenient nozzle Easy to operate  

XD024 Home use DIY Disinfectant Maker And Spayer

Easy and convenient; You can make the disinfectant by yourself at home whenever you want.

XD008 Tools Disinfection Ozone And  UV Sterilizer

The professional tools sterilizer is suitable for disinfecting some beauty salon tools , which can completely kill all kinds of bacteria and germs. Meanwhile, it is safe, economical and high efficient for tools disinfection.